Walk-In Coolers

Walk-In Display After Aseembly  Full Walk-In Display with door on side.

Below Zero Refrigeration's walk-ins are custom made to fit any temperature sensitive situation. For example, convienence store owners prefer our walk-ins because of their versatility, features, and temperature recovery qualities. Food processors enjoy the durability of the walk-in panel construction for their refrigerated warehouses. Food service companies also enjoy our walk-ins for cooler/freezer combinations and self-closing doors.

Sliding Door Walk In  Grocery Store Display

The convenience store walk-in display cooler packages we offer are specially designed for the convienience, beverage, and package liquor store application; they are designed with refrigeration that will handle the heaviest load conditions such as stocking large amounts of warm beer around the holidays and when the distributors offer discounts for large case quantity purchases. This doesn't mean that it will cost more to run your coolers. As a matter of fact, in will cost less, cool down faster, and your products will last longer.

We can engineer a refrigeration system that will save energy during its operation, maximize your storage capacity, and create a valuable display area that will increase spontaneous purchases and beautify your store. Our walk-in coolers and freezers are designed to save you time and money when you build and to keep operating costs down for years to come.

Convienience Store Walk-In Built  Convienience Store Walkin Stocked

Simplicity of design assures ease of assembly - or disassembly - for future walk-in expansion of relocation.

Walk-In Contruction: Wall Being Placed Walk-In Contruction: Door Being Placed Walk-In Contruction: Wall Constructed

Below Zero Refrigeration's walk-ins are available with a complete line of refrigeration equipment. A large selection of glass door sizes, finishes, shelves, lighting, and other features are taken into consideration when designing a walk-in for your store.

Walk-In Cooler/Freezer Tour

From the design stage to a fully operational walk-in, our goal is to acheive your complete 100% satisfaction. Contact Below Zero Refrigeration today, we will measure up to your needs perfectly!

Four Door Walk-In Display Two Door Walk-In Display Six Door Walk-In Display

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