Truck Dock Doors

Below Zero Refrigeration offers a large variety of doors for your current cold storage rooms. Reach-in, pass-through, drive through, and many more doors are available to accommodate your product and traffic plan. Our goal is total customer satisfaction so that we can provide you with the features you require for optimum door performance.

Hinged DoorsHinged Doors

Door sections shall be provided in standard 48" width or as specified. The standard door opening is 34" wide and 76" high, or as specified. Hinged doors shall be of the infitting, overlapping metal clad type with insulation and finish of the same type and thickness as the panel section into which they are mounted.

Positive closing latch shall be heavy-duty chrome finished of high pressure die cast zinc body and strike housing, forged brass or malleable iron handle. It shall be equipped for padlocking and must include an inside safety release handle which can open the door from the inside if the door is locked.

Hinges shall be heavy-duty cam-lift styles, chrome plated and high pressure die-cast zinc. Freezer walk-in doors shall have electric resistance-type heaters to prevent condensation and frost formation on all four (4) surfaces of door opening. Gaskets shall form air and vapor tight seal and be resistant to oils, fats, water, and abrasion.

Sliding Doors Sliding Doors

Door panel is metal clad galvanized steel, with urethane or polystyrene insulation, Douglas Fir wood vertical casings and header clad with 26 ga. galvanized steel. Hardware is heavy duty. Door track is angled down and in to cause door panel to compress against neoprene seals on frame and to seal tightly against floor.

Freezer doors are equipped with 120 volt single phase perimeter heater cables to prevent frost built up.

Multipaned glass doors, with tempered glass, door and frame heaters, glass heater (freezer), 5 wire shelves per door, price tag moulding on shelves, fluorescent light on both sides of door, and ballasts.

Strip Doors Strip Doors
  • Strip doors reduces energy losses.
  • Economical answer to draft control.
  • Longer shelf life for refrigerated products.
  • Vinyl Strip curtain systems for walk-through      and motorized traffic.

Strip doors have other advantages too! Fewer accidents at doorways, improve traffic flow. Comfortable work environment to help isolate your employees from unwanted dust, pollution, noise, insects and more without blocking traffic visibility or light. Strip doors also provide major energy savings at loading dock installations.

Door Accessories
Optional Equipment. Built to order for your special needs:
  1. View windows.
  2. Hardware. Chrome and stainless steel.
  3. Power Operation.
  4. Bumpers
  5. Locking Devices. Padlocks, Cylinder locks and Solenoid locks
  6. Kickplates. For doors with metal cladding, steel kickplates may be added to protect against traffic abuse.

The information contained in this page reflects standard door accessories that our customers request on a frequent basis. These accessories range from simple items that are somewhat unique and specialized to very sophisticated state of the art temperature and humidity recording devises. Whatever your needs or desires we either already have it or we can readily obtain those items for you. If you have a special request that is required for you to have a satisfied customer please contact us We will be glad to help you.

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