Below Zero Refrigeration's mission is to provide our customers with the latest in technology while insuring that they are purchasing the highest quality equipment, made with the highest quality parts at the best prices. We also offer technical expertise and consultation on every aspect of commercial refrigeration including:

  1. Designing and planning of new installations.
  2. Equipment selection and purchasing.
  3. Retro-fitting, expansion, or alteration of existing systems.
  4. Equipment installation.
  5. Parts and accessories sourcing.

Below Zero Refrigeration began producing custom-designed refrigeration and freezer systems for the South Florida market and has since expanded to a nation-wide level. We take great pride in being a dependable company, designing superior products while providing fast, responsible customer service and producing custom-designed refrigeration facilities, both small and large.

Our high standards and unbeatable service has given Below Zero Refrigeration an outstanding reputation, recognized industry wide. Below are some references of our quality and dedication:

American Flowers
Mr. Juan T. Lopez
1866 NW. 82nd Avenue
Miami, Florida 33159
Arrow Air Holdings Corp
(Formerly Fine-Air Lines)
Mr. Donys Garcia
2000 NW. 62nd Avenue
Miami, Florida 33122
(786) 556-6479
LaRosa Logistic
2025 NW. 95th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33165
(305) 499-9417
Cargo International
Ms. Michelle Fajardo
7610 NW. 25th Street
Miami, Florida 33122
(305) 591-8882
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